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Against Accelerationism

Accelerationism is the idea that the best way to achieve White Nationalist goals is to accelerate the decline of the present system. This will supposedly have two effects. First, acceleration will weaken the system’s ability to maintain power, including to oppress dissenters. Second, acceleration will anger and awaken the white masses, making them more receptive to our message. Accelerationism is often associated with the maxim, “Worse is better.” As a categorical statement, “Worse is better” is just a contradiction in terms, like “Bad is good,” “Night is day,” and “Losing is winning.” But there is a qualified sense in which that maxim is true: What is worse for the present system is generally better for dissidents. We all know that the system is going in the wrong direction: demographically, culturally economically, and politically. The sooner these problems manifest themselves, the sooner dissidents can step forward with alternatives—and the sooner resistance to our plans will crumble. Furthermore, the present political system offers only two options: the Left, which wants to accelerate “progress” toward complete social breakdown, and the Right, which merely wants to slow the process down and perhaps put it on firmer economic and social foundations. Accelerationists thus conclude that it might be better to have the Left in power, so it destabilizes and hastens the end of the system. Then they talk about the frog. No, not Pepe. No, not the one with the scorpion. No, not the singing frog from the Warner Bros. cartoon. The frog in the pan of water. If you want to boil a frog, you have to do it slowly, so he doesn’t realize what is happening and jump out of the pan. By slowing down “progress,” the mainstream Right lulls the frogs into a false sense of security. But the Left, by accelerating …

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