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Exportul de copii români, un tribut pe altarul globalismului

În anul 2006, ziarul Financial Times numea România „Guantanamo pentru copii”, titrând astfel niște aberații cu maltratarea copiilor și chiar refuzul înmormântării acestora! Mai jos, publicăm textul original care comentează mizeriile apărute contra cost în Financial Times și traducerea: 12 JUNE 2006 – ROMANIA, GUANTANAMO IN „FINANCIAL TIMES” 33 NGOs that are active in Romania, out of which 6 are signing “Anonymously”, buy a whole advertising page in the Financial Times edition on the 12th of June, and pay for it more than 100.000 euro. The NGOs use that page in order to publish a defamatory article about Romania, under the title „The Hidden Crisis of Child Protection in Romania”. In the article, Romania is described as a „Guantanamo” for babies, in which thousands of abandoned children are tortured. The article claims even that the state refused to finance the funeral of the children infected by AIDS. It criticizes the legislation (enforced in January 2005) and it attacks Olli Rehn the European Commissioner for Enlargement because he said that the Romanian legislation is „in total accordance with the EU standards and with the UN Convention for Children Rights”. The article also criticizes Emma Nicholson for her strong position against international adoptions. Moreover, the articles states that Emma Nicholson tries to influence the policy in the child protection field, in Romania and Bulgaria, through „The High Level Group”. Even if the authors tried to camouflage their message among other bureaucratic type of demands, it is obvious that the main request of this petitioner article is the resumption of international adoptions. The article ends with a call to help the Romanian children. It also suggests visiting www.romanianchild.org web site (in fact, www.copilroman.org) where periodical reports are to be published by a group of action. Visiting the site, we’ve noticed an almost complete …

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