An Idaho man was arrested this week for fraudulently impersonating the newly elected President Joe Biden on multiple occasions reports the Twin Falls Herald.
Ernest Young, an elderly 87-year-old man with no previous criminal record, has allegedly been harassing the staff at a local McDonald’s restaurant since Joe Biden’s victory.

Young tried to impersonate the newly elected president on numerous occasions with the purpose of getting a free meal according to the franchise owner.

“When I refused to give him a free meal he started to scream that this was no way to treat a newly elected President and that it was my patriotic duty to feed him for free,” one staff member told reporters.

“He even asked one employee to help him change his diaper and when she refused he defecated on the floor in front of the staff, telling them they were a bunch of racist Trump supporters,” one staff member told reporters, visibly shaken.
Several employees were so intimated by the elderly man that they agreed to pay him a meal with their own money.

“He told one Asian-American employee that if she didn’t give him a free meal, he’d sign an executive order to have her family deported back to Mexico,” one cashier added.

Several eyewitnesses also said that he acted in a “creepy” and “inappropriate manner,” commenting that he liked to approach young girls from behind and smell their hair.

Ernest Young, 87, faces multiple charges of identity fraud and identity theft and could face up to 107 years in prison believe legal experts.

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