Jewish ‘Historian’: Hitler’s Approval Of POW ‘Slave Labor’ Proves He Personally Ordered Holocaust

For the last 75 years, Jewish Holocaust propagandists have been vexxed by their inability to uncover any document among the tens of millions captured by the Allies at the end of WWII that proves Hitler either personally knew of the mass murder of Jews or personally ordered it.

The world’s most ‘respected’ mainstream Holocaust historian, Raul Hilberg, admitted that no documentary proof exists that shows that Hitler either knew or or ordered the “Holocaust” — but he also admitted under oath in a Canadian courtroom that there is no scientific proof of the existence of the alleged ‘homicidal gas chambers’ (see below).

But now, Lewis Regenstein, an amateur World War II ‘historian’ has come forward to make the outlandish claim that a document that he managed to buy ‘at auction’, purportedly with corrections made in Hitler’s handwriting — concerning the use of prisoners of war in the support of the war effort — is prima facie proof that Hitler must have also ordered the systematic extermination of 6 million Jews in an event now popularly known as “The Holocaust”:

I recently purchased at auction an important document consisting of an original draft order to expedite Nazi Germany’s slave labor program, with editing changes in Adolf Hitler’s handwriting.

The document clearly demonstrates Hitler’s personal interest and involvement in this murderous program, an important aspect of the Holocaust, and presumably other war crimes as well.

It has been authenticated by Hitler’s somewhat infamous secretary Frau Traudl Junge in a letter accompanying the document, which was originally acquired by an American military officer after the war.

This cruel and brutal project employed up to 15 million people from occupied countries in the East, mainly Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, Russians, POWs, civilians, concentration camp inmates and others, even mothers abducted along with their children.

Often, signs were placed outside of concentration and work camps proclaiming, “Arbeit macht frei” (Work will make you free). Instead, the prisoners were more likely to experience “Vernichtung durch Arbeit” (extermination through labor), being starved, tortured, worked to death, or simply executed when their usefulness expired.

One of the most brutal examples of this was at Mittelbau-Dora, near Nordhausen, which used some 60,000 slave laborers, a third of whom perished. This was where Wernher von Braun and his famous rocket scientists developed the V1 flying bomb and V2 rocket, before being brought to the United States after the war, where they became national heroes for their work on the U.S. space program.

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Many of today’s leading German industries fully exploited the program, including Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Thyssenkrupp, and BMW, and German companies have generally resisted paying compensation to survivors of the program.

This newly re-discovered document, dated simply September, 1942, is a draft of one of Hitler’s harshest, cruelest directives, the order of Sept. 30, 1942, authorizing his chief of labor deployment Fritz Sauckel to enslave millions of workers from the occupied territories and POW camps.

It instructs Sauckel to “take all necessary measures” to enforce an earlier decree to furnish workers for labor “for the German war-economy.”

As a result, Sauckel wrote to Alfred Rosenberg, head of the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories, telling him that 2 million more foreign laborers were required, and that the majority of these would have to be drafted from the recently occupied Eastern territories and especially from the Ukraine.

By the fall of 1944, some 8 million people were slaving away in support of the German war effort. By war’s end, perhaps as many as 12 to 15 million people were serving as slave laborers, although precise figures will never be known.

Sauckel and Rosenberg were hanged after being convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the 1946 Nuremburg trials. Most other officials running the program were never prosecuted or were given light sentences and soon released.

I believe that most of the draft document’s value lies in its demonstration and documentation of Hitler’s intense personal interest and involvement in actually establishing and implementing mass murder programs, such as slave labor (as shown by this document) and presumably others, like the Holocaust.

No one has ever found such a document on the Holocaust, signed by Hitler, which helps Holocaust deniers, and skeptical “revisionist historians” like the author David Irving, to argue that Hitler did not order it and did not even know about its massive dimensions and details.

As I observed in an article in the AJT a few years ago, though Hitler probably did not micromanage such programs or get involved in the details, it is absurd, even laughable to argue that he did not order or know much about the Holocaust.

Citiți și:  COMUNISMUL A REVENIT! Dosar penal după ce AUR a catalogat Holocaustul drept „o temă minoră”. Parchetul General s-a autosesizat

Given its massive cost and dimensions, and the expensive diversion of critically needed resources like railcars during wartime, only Hitler could have ordered that the Holocaust be undertaken, probably verbally to SS Chief Heinrich Himmler, Holocaust architect Reinhard Heydrich, and/or Hitler aide Martin Bormann.

And now that we have reliable evidence that Hitler personally helped set up the slave labor program, it is even more inconceivable he would not have been equally as or more interested in the Holocaust.

Thus, this documentary evidence is revelatory of Hitler’s character and corroborates the obvious and long held (if still denied by some) conclusion that Hitler did indeed personally order that the Holocaust be undertaken.

This draft decree has never before been publicized, to the best of my knowledge, and gives historians the opportunity further to discredit the deniers and add evidence of Hitler’s personal involvement in mass murder programs.

Only in the mind of a Jew is forced labor during wartime a form of “mass murder,” but that’s exactly what Regenstein conflates here.

The greatest outrage to a Jew’s dignity is to be forced into manual labor — and that still sticks in their collective craw 75 years later.

Mocking a Jew with a welcome sign “Arbeit Macht Frei” is unforgivable.

And if Hitler approved of making Jewish prisoners work to support the war effort, then it only makes sense that he would also want to gas 6 million of them while he was at it — or so we have been told.

Which begs the question: if Hitler needed upwards of 8 million POWs to support the war effort, why would he kill of 6 million of them and virtually guarantee that he would lose the war?

Not widely taught in schools is the fact that after WWII, millions of Germans were forced into slave labor by the Allies — Stalin personally demanded 3 million Germans to use in that capacity — many of whom died under harsh conditions, but the Jews have never expressed any outrage over it whatsoever — they weren’t Jews after all.

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