Democracy: It’s When Fat People Decide Your Life

“Democracy” doesn’t seem to be what it claims to be.

We currently have Donald Trump, a man who ran on ending war in the Middle East, escalating it to levels we haven’t seen since the few years following 9/11.

He also ran on deporting immigrants, and instead we have the most immigrants ever. And on ending the opioid epidemic, and we have more opioid deaths than ever.

But if we put that aside, and assume that democracy really is “rule by the people,” in the exact way that they claim: did you know that 71% of America is overweight or obese?

That means that the overwhelming majority of people in this country cannot make proper choices about what they shove into the hole in their faces – and yet we are told by democracy theorists that these same people, who have abysmally failed in the decision-making process about the most basic function of life, eating food, are all miniature statesmen who can make informed decisions about the way a country is run.

Does that make sense to anyone, at all, ever?

Democracy is a failed system, because the masses are not capable of making informed decisions about the way governments function. They are extremely susceptible to the technologies of advertisement, which are used by the media to shape opinions on issues.

Because in actual fact, if the people were engaged in the democratic process in the mythical way that they are supposed to be engaged in the democratic process, then democracy would work. In the absolute world of pure theory, there is nothing stopping the masses from electing only legitimate people. The entirety of congress could be replaced with individuals who will refuse to engage this corrupt system. That is technically possible, under our current system.

Yes, there is a deep state, and that vaguely undercover entity has attempted to overthrow Trump. But it would easily be abolished if you simply replaced every single person in the government.

There is technically no actual need for any kind of revolution. All of the mechanisms exist within the system, as it stands right now, to completely replace the entire government.

But the people don’t know that. Or they don’t care. They’re too busy figuring out how to not have heart attacks from all of the transfats and high-fructose corn syrup they consumed because advertisement agencies hacked their brains and told them to eat it.

We’ve experimented with this system of democracy for 150 years. The theory has not played out. The people do not have more freedom. Instead, we have full economic enslavement, endless war, population replacement and we are approaching zero fertility.

It is not only a failed experiment, it is the worst failure of any experiment ever in all of human history.

We are spiraling into oblivion under the oppression of the democracy system.

We need to back this whole thing up, and reconsider our options.

Source: DS

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