Celebrele desene animate cu TOM si JERRY au fost CATALOGATE drept RASISTE


Cand va spun ca totul devine ‘rasist’ nu glumesc. Celebrele desene animate cu Tom si Jerry sunt considerare ca fiind „rasiste” de site-ul Amazon.com

As vrea totusi sa stiu ce nu este „rasist” la ora actuala. Toata aceasta nebunie „corecta politic” promovata si mentinuta de bolnavi psihici de prin Israel, a scapat de sub control incat sfideaza bunul simt si capacitatea de a intelege. Daca desenele cu Tom si Jerry sunt acum „rasiste” inseamna ca mai tot poate fi considerat „rasist”.

Din publicatia „London Independent”:

Viewers of Tom and Jerry may wince slightly when the unfortunate grey cat’s head is slammed in a window for the umpteenth time. But according to Amazon, the real danger to modern viewers of the classic cartoons lies in their inherent racism.

People hoping to download the 70-year-old cartoons through the company’s video streaming service, previously known as LoveFilm, are confronted with the warning that they contain “some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society”.

The notice is likely to refer to the portrayal of a black maid known as Mammy Two Shoes in the animated series. A thick-set, middle-aged black woman whose face is only shown once, the character is generally agreed to be a racist stereotype of a white family’s servant. “Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today,” the Amazon warning adds.

The original series of Tom and Jerry short films was produced by the MGM film studio in 1940, running until 1957. Directors William Hanna and Joseph Barbera made more than 100 of the animations, winning seven academy awards in the process.


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  1. Or fi ee rasiste dar sunt facute tot de un evreu, asa ca sa se spele pe cap ei cu metehnele lor.

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