New Zealand: 18-Year-Old Denied Bail After Sharing Live-Stream of Self-Defense Mosque Visit

These globalists are really freaking out about this whole mosque stuff. They don’t want people to know and they don’t want people to see.

They don’t even want Brenton’s face to be out there, which is why they allowed him to wear his full set of armor to court.

Although Facebook has removed more than a million uploads of the footage so far, the censorship is just getting started.

Daily Mail:

An 18-year-old New Zealand man accused of Facebook sharing a live-stream video of the Christchurch massacre that killed 50 people has been denied bail.

Police have said the teenager – who cannot yet be named – was not involved in the attack on two mosques.

The accused teenage Facebook poster appeared in Christchurch District Court on Monday and was granted an interim name suppression order, but he was denied bail by Judge Stephen O’Driscoll.

The young man has also been charged with allegedly posting to social media a photograph of one of the South Island mosques being attacked with the message ‘target acquired’ along with other chat messages ‘inciting extreme violence’.

He will reappear in court in April. If found guilty, he could face up to 14 years’ jail.

They so desperately want to scare people off the footage that they grabbed a random kid who shared the live-stream, went through his private chat messages to find something they could use, and charged him with whatever to ruin his life in an attempt to tell the world that people can’t just witness reality as it happened.

We’re at a point where our governments are sacrificing random kids to make a point and to defend the ones that are invading our lands.

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