Moslems Just Want to Live in Your House and Pretend to be You

CNN published a piece by “British” political commentator Ayesha Hazarika where she talks about the alleged need to view Moslems as human due to them meaning you no harm and only wanting to live in your house to impersonate you.


When I woke up Friday morning to the news of the massacre at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, I felt sick. But sadly, not entirely surprised. I had been dreading this kind of violence happening, although I would have never imagined this kind of scale — 49 Muslim men, women and children killed in cold blood with such clinical, methodical precision and filmed for social media.

Islamophobia is on the rise and has been for some time. Muslims have been demonized, dehumanized and scapegoated on an industrial scale by society since 9/11.

No other group has been punished for the sins of the father in such a systematic and accepted way. Politicians, commentators, influencers and the media on the right have waged a war against Muslims that has become normalized.

The system in our own countries is against white men and protects Moslems, and this Moslem says Moslems are the real victims.

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