Australia: Man Drives Car Through Mosque Gates, Shouts Racial Obscenities

It looks like Saint Brenton the Vengeful has given the white man his balls back.

Brisbane Times:

A man has allegedly driven his car into the gates of a Queensland mosque overnight while shouting offensive words to worshippers inside.

Police said the 23-year-old Brown Plains man was stopped on Buckley Road at Stockleigh about 2.20pm on Saturday for a side drug test, which tested positive.

The driver was issued with a 24-hour driver’s licence suspension notice and a notice to appear for drug driving.

It will be further alleged once the man was released from police custody, he returned to his car on Buckley Road and drove to the Baitul Masroor Mosque on Neville Road.

Police said the man allegedly drove into the closed front gates and caused minor damage while shouting offensive words through the open driver’s window towards the people inside.

He then drove home where police arrested the man and further charged with wilful damage, committing public nuisance and driving a motor vehicle while suspended.

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